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Why choose Mosey Landscapes for lawn care in Harrisburg, PA?

Lawn care in Harrisburg, PA is crucial with the seemingly constant cycling of seasons because both commercial and residential lawns, walkways, and driveways need to stay in pristine condition to withhold the hardships that they face during the ever changing weather patterns. Mosey Landscapes understands that time is precious and that’s why we’re here to take care of all your lawn care needs.

During the fall, Mosey Landscapes provides leaf cleaning services to numerous residences and businesses. Our leaf cleaning starts with one of our specialists arriving to your property at the initial start of the season to analyze and asses a potential estimate for your service request. Once Mother Nature sets in and the leaves begin to fall, we will also begin to arrive to your property and complete a thorough cleaning of your yard, walkway, shrubbery, roof, or even beds of leaves and supplementary debris that may have fallen into unwanted spaces. Once the debris and leaves have been removed, we will haul them with us, gust them up the street for pickup, place them into a compost pile, or bag them based on your preference. Whenever fall begins to subside, our specialists will arrive to your property to perform a final clearing of leaves and debris to ensure that your residence is prepped for winter’s brash weather.

Once the winter season sets in, Mosey Landscapes stays committed to keeping your property attractive. Leave the shoveling, plowing, and salting of driveways and walkways to our team to assure safety to yourself, family members, or clientele. Since winter weather is quite unpredictable, we typically work on a seasonal contract and request that you meet with us prior to the season.

Whenever winter begins to thaw, generally during late March or early April, we will begin our spring cleaning process. Our spring cleanup consists of removing any debris caused by winter’s storms in an effort to prepare your garden and yard for all of the alluring traits that spring brings including mulching, planting, and seeding. Any bushes or trees, plants that need uncovered or un-staked, or shrubbery that requires being reshaped due to damaged limbs or branches caused by winter will be recovered and prepped to transform your yard and garden into an admiration. Our team at Mosey Landscapes continues to look forward at assisting you with any of your lawn care needs.

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