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Why choose Mosey Landscapes for hardscaping?

Mosey Landscapes, Inc. is a fully insured, family-owned business catering to the residential and commercial property owner for all Hardscaping services. We aim to provide our customers with flawless satisfaction in each and every hardscaping project we complete. Mosey Landscapes is dedicated to providing basic to advanced hardscaping services at a price everyone can afford with incredible vision for creative and custom hardscaping designs. While landscaping is critical, hardscaping creates an amazing outdoor experience for your friends, family or colleagues to experience and enjoy. You’re going to want your hardscaping project completed by a reputable company with over 30+ years of experience designing and executing attractive concepts from idea to implementation. Whether you’re looking to design and build for commercial or residential, we’ll bring the advanced skill-set needed to get the job done while greatly exceeding your expectations!

A professional Hardscaping Company

What does being a professional hardscaping company mean? It means that we’re confident we can deliver an exceptional landscape and hardscape project that you’re incredibly proud of and will be able to enjoy for the years to come. There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy the outdoors with your friends, family, or colleagues when the weather permits. Being a local hardscaping company, you can even enjoy the outdoors when the weather doesn’t permit, because like you, we understand the moody weather of Central Pennsylvania, and can build to accommodate the elements. We’ll tackle the math involved with planning and executing symmetry, digging, building and planting, and are dedicated to complete satisfaction in all of our projects. Here are the types of hardscaping projects we can help you achieve:

  • Stairs, walkways (many different surfaces) and paths
  • Fences, walls and wall materials
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Firepits; Gas and Wood
  • Waterfalls and Ponds
  • Patios and decks
  • Built-in furniture
  • Pergolas and gazebos

Our dedication to being the best Hardscaping company

Whatever hardscaping project you desire, you can trust Mosey Landscapes to be at their best. There’s no landscaping project to small or too large for our team to tackle and exceed your expectations. We’re very community-driven and excel at all hardscape management and hardscape maintenance services. Regardless of the service, we’re dedicated to the highest professionalism and workmanship for you. The best thing you could do for yourself is to take a few seconds to get a quote directly from us! It’s that easy. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our most recent projects. Our project resources and capabilities expand all over Central Pennsylvania.

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