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Vision in Design

As a top landscaping in Harrisburg, PA company, it is important to choose a contractor with the vision to see your project complete and design something that fulfills your families needs, but using your properties characteristic to create a beautiful landscape. At Mosey Landscapes, Inc. we take all these factors into account & design something that is truly spectacular.

Experienced since 1988

There’s a Landscaper on every corner. A pick-up truck and Craftsman Tractor that claim to be a professional. Choose the company that has the experience to use proven techniques, equipment and training to design, construct, and maintain your project. Since 1988 Mosey Landscapes, Inc. has been servicing Central PA. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Craftsmanship in Construction

When you’re creating something special it is crucial to trust a contractor who takes pride in his trade. At Mosey Landscapes, Inc. our team strives to create an environment that is aesthetically breath taking yet built to withstand the test of time. We aim to provide our customers with flawless satisfaction through each and every service we provide at a price you can afford.

We build it to last or we don’t build it. No exceptions!

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Sinking Sing Playground Excavation from Mosey Landscapes, a landscaper in Harrisburg, PA

Sinking Spring Playground

Mechanicsburg Playground Construction by Mosey Landscapes, landscaper in Harrisburg, PA

Mechanicsburg Playground

Atkinson Patio Project hardscape by Mosey Landscapes, landscaper in Harrisburg, PA

Atkinson Patio Project

George and Tinas Hardscape project by Mosey Landscapes, landscaper in Harrisburg, PA

George and Tina