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Why choose Mosey Landscapes for Excavation in Harrisburg, PA?

Mosey Landscapes is elated to provide not only residential, but commercial excavation in Harrisburg, PA. Several landscaping projects require us to use  heavy machinery, however we also perform additional jobs outside of our landscaping niche that require excavation equipment. Using our excavation equipment, we are able to eliminate any undesired material to gain greenery space on a property or simply remove aged walkways or patios to replace with new, higher quality, and safer materials. Whatever our customer’s removal needs may be, we remain committed to completing the project with the utmost professionalism and ensure that all everything is properly disposed of and removed from the premises during the completion of the job.

Mosey Landscapes is also able to assist our customer in any demolition requirements that may be needed. We can perform any demolition project, whether diminutive or extensive, in a timely manner that coincides with the itinerary of the project. Commercial and residential customers often utilize our services whenever they are building retaining walls. While we most commonly use our excavation equipment for creating retaining walls designed by ourselves, we are also able to complete the excavation work for similar projects that have been constructed by others.

Several property owners often experience storm water management and drainage control issues. This can become highly frustrating due to it affecting not only the appearance of the yard and plantings but also the contribution to flooding in the basement of buildings on the property. We utilize our Bobcats and other equipment to improve the storm water management and drainage issues on the property so that our customers are able to fair better throughout the rain storms.

Regardless of the excavation needs that you may have, Mosey Landscapes will work with you to complete the job in the most efficient manner as well as meeting your satisfaction!

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